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L - Cystine (L-cystine 500 mg)

Read Dosage and Administration carefully before using.
For more information, please consult your doctor or your  pharmacist.

L-Cystine is a natural amino acid available at the rate of 20% in young deer’s horns (Cervus Cornu). L-cystine helps increase vitality and has anti-inflammatory effect thanks to the –SH radical in its structure. L-cystine analyses keratin, eliminates melanine and has detocification effects. L-cystine is used for the treatment of pimples, skinburnt, discoloured skin and effective in anti-allergy and prevention of liver injuries.
Each soft capsule contains:
Active ingredient:
L-Cystine          500mg
Soybean oil, lecithin, gelatin, conc. glycerin, methyl paraoxybenzoic acid, propyl paraoxybenzoic acid, titanium oxide, blue no.1, red no.3, yellow no.4.

Chocolate and dark brown colour.

1. Asthenia.
2. Dermatitis due to other medecines.
3. Skinburnt, discoloured skin, sunburnt.
4. Prevention and treatment in dermatological deseases, such as dry and brittle hair or skin...

Dosage and Administration:
Adults: L-Cystine 1000 mg to 2000 mg (2 to 4 soft capsules) per day. Use continuously for 2 to 3 months or 10 to 20 days per month.
Warning: Consult your doctor if you have a historical sensitivity to the medicine.

Some side-effects including vomiting may occur. Inform your doctor in case of any adverse reactions related to drug use.

1) Contra-indications: Patients with severe renal disorders or hepatic coma.
2) Cautions must be taken for patients with cystinuria.
3) Precautions:
a. Vomiting, rarely diarrhea, thirsty and slight abdominal pain may occur.
b. Dosage and administration should be followed correctly.
c. Use of the medicine for children must be under strict supervision. The preparation is contraindicated in children below 6 month old.
4) During and after using this medecine, consult doctor or pharmacist if there is no improvement in spite of medication for about 1 month.

1) Keep out of reach of children.
2) Protected from light. Storage in a cool dry place.

Specifications: In-house specifications

Box of 12 blisters x 5 soft capsules

3 years from the manufacture date
Do not exceed the expiry date.

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