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1. Research and Development (R & D)--ensures that company’s Board of Management is up to date on new and relevant industry technology. Researches new industry developments to suggest possible new products to the Management Board. Maintains contacts with research laboratories and universities around the world to keep current on the latest technology. Handles registration of new ICA products with the government and arranges import and export licenses. Maintains all documents pertaining to formulation and licensing. Designs the packaging and creates the fact sheet (leaflet) included with the medicines or vitamins. Works with Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC), and Production Directors to develop tests for new products. Follows products once they reach general distribution in order to confirm stability and shelf life.

2. Projects--searches both the Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industries for potential new partners or acquisitions. Handles preliminary planning and design for new construction. Works with the Project Development Director to design and implement systems for logistics, including purchasing, material handling, and engineering. Assists the Director General to ensure that all departments are working together and avoiding duplication.

3. Marketing--recommends optimal marketing orientation to maximize sales. Develops strategies for the introduction and growth of ICA’s products in the Viet Nam market and conducts studies to identify new trends and sales opportunities. Assists the Director General to implement the company’s public relations campaign to introduce new products. Works with both consultants and distributors to maximize sales. Creates advertising to showcase ICA’S image of quality, dependability and innovation. Supervises the sales force to maximize market penetration and product sales.
4. Quality Assurance (QA)--is responsible for all activities that determine compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), and Good Storage Practices (GSP). Recommends guidelines to assure compliance with Viet Nam Drug Regulations. Works with QC, R & D, and Production Directors to develop tests for new products. Assures consistency of manufactured products. Receives complaints and the product in question. Gives the product to QC for thorough testing and then contacts the customer to resolve the issue.
5. Quality Control (QC)--performs In Process Control (IPC) by testing raw materials and all products during each stage of manufacturing. Checks everything from the chemicals that go into medicine to the packaging material that holds the finished products. Conducts stability tests to determine recommended storage conditions as well as the shelf life of the medicines. Tests for contamination of the air in the production rooms.
6. Production--Performs all functions from the acquisition of materials through processing, manufacturing, and subsequent packaging. Establishes schedules to create and maintain adequate product inventories. Structures the  manufacturing to assure compliance with WHO GMP standards as well as even higher ICA standards. 

7. Engineering--manages warehouses to ensure compliance with GSP standards. Schedules the purchasing and delivery of raw materials and all equipment. Controls inventories of raw materials to ensure smooth, continuous production. Maintains the physical plant, including production, laboratory, testing, and other equipment, as well as the interior and exterior of ICA’s  buildings. Works closely with R & D to assure optimal pricing and quality of all raw materials. Creates the artwork for new products in cooperation with R & D.
8. Human Resources (HR)--develops and administers company policies to maintain compliance with the labor laws of Viet Nam. Deals with all aspects of the administration, management and training of personnel. Controls plant security.

9. Logistics--manages the warehouse to comply with GSP standards. 
Works with our Director of Information and Technology (IT) to bring new warehouse management software on line and maintain our state-of- the-art logistics department. Schedules the purchasing and delivery of raw materials to ensure smooth, continuous production. Works closely with the Client Services Department to schedule our distributors' delivery or pick-up times.

10. Information and Technology (IT)--ensures the security of the company’s information. Initiates, publishes, and enforces IT policies. Manages and maintains the IT system throughout ICA’s buildings and offices. Trains employees in the use of new softwares. Creates and maintains the websites. Recommends purchase of any IT devices from computers to cell phones.
11. Client Services (CS)--manages the relationships with distributors. Discusses the distributors’ projected needs, gets their orders, and then disperses those orders to the appropriate departments. CS works with the warehouse to schedule each distributor’s pick-ups. Forwards any complaints to QA for further action.

12. Accounting--prepares all financial documents as required by the government of Viet Nam. Manages financial information and prepares accounting statements. Prepares documentation for the annual independent audit and the pending IPO. Assures compliance with the security laws of Viet Nam.

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