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Others    Conjunctivitis occurs complicatedly in Hanoi (Sep 06, 2010)

The disease of conjunctivitis, locally called red eye disease, still occurs complicatedly and persists in Hanoi and neighboring provinces, said the Central Eye Hospital on September 3.

In August alone, the hospital received nearly 2,000 patients suffering from the conjunctivitis, doubled over previous months.

Its doctors forecast the number of patients would increase in coming days. Conjunctivitis usually breaks out in the city and its neighbouring provinces in September when the rainy season begins in the north.

The conjunctivitis is caused by the adenovirus. It is often accompanied by a slight fever and sore throat. The patient’s eyes turn red with much irritation, itchiness and tears.

The disease is highly contagious in family, school and office environments. Hot weather also created favourable conditions for it to spread.

The doctors warn risk of conjunctivitis increases because the school opening season has come and thousands of students have come back to school.

By K.Nguyen, translated by Y Nhi
From SGGP Online

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