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    Free trip to HongKong (May 27, 2010)

Customers of ICA Biotechnological & Pharmaceutical JSC were rewarded with an all-expense paid trip to Hong Kong and Macau for their participation in the Tobicom Loyalty Program.

This program, which rewards ICA’s loyal Tobicom customers, is based on the amount of Tobicom they purchased from 01 January 2009, to 07 December 2009. ICA’s Tobicom customers were rewarded with everything from discount coupons to the wonderful five-day and four-night trip to Hong Kong, Disneyland, and Macau.

The winners of ICA’s Tobicom Loyalty Program enjoyed great weather as they traveled in early May, 2010. They were able visit many of Hong Kong’s famous sights such as Victoria Peak, Ocean Park,  Tsing Ma Bridge, the Central District, and to ride the Star Ferry in Victoria Harbor. They enjoyed great shopping on Ladies Street and having their fortunes told on Temple Street. If they were tired they could rest, relax, and enjoy wonderfully fresh seafood at the famous Jumbo Restaurant in Aberdeen. Everything appeared brighter and clearer too, thanks to ICA’s Tobicom!

The Tobicom Loyalty Program winners were treated to a trip to Disneyland of Hong Kong where they met Mickey Mouse and most of the other Disney characters, enjoyed the many park rides, and ate strange American foods. All in all it was an exciting new experience, and the saying “Disneyland never Disappoints” proved itself over and over.

The next day the ICA guests traveled to Macau, where they saw St. Paul’s Cathedral, explored the Mã Tổ Pagoda, and after dinner were free to try to break the bank at the fabulous Venetian Macau Resort Hotel. Some of our Tobicom Loyalty Program winners were bragging that they won enough money to buy a new car for their family! Maybe Tobicom increases your luck as well as helps your eyes!

It was finally time to go home and enjoy the memories of ICA’s wonderful gift to the members of the Tobicom Loyalty Program. Our flight back was made more exciting when we heard that the prize for the winners in the Tobicom Loyalty Program for the year 2010 will be a trip to either Australia or Korea, two of the most fabulous destinations in Asia.

You too can win one of these wonderful trips. Become a member of the Tobicom Loyalty Program. Please contact our Marketing and Sales Department to learn how to join.

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